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A sold house, once a home, coming holidays and shedded tears.

I've been writing in English before, but not on Op de thee bij Le. I don't really know why, didn't feel right. I wanted the information, my feelings, experiences to be accessible for Dutch speaking people. There are so many English blogs and websites about everything I write about... but especially when it comes to epilepsy, or basically any chronic illness, it's very comforting when you can read in your own language.

This time however I decided to write in English, going with my gut feeling. That means that there probably will be some mistakes, that I try my best to capture my emotions but that I'm sure that some will get lost in translation.

People who know me, know that I'm an emotional *fill in the blanks*. Sometimes I don't even realize myself but luckily I have some great people that always find it very amusing to tell me that I'm very emotional.

So a couple of weeks ago, when I actually started this post but I got blocked, I watched Glee. I'm…